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* Life is a long road, in between it's smooth and easy

Short resume, cv

Biographical data, particulars

Åge No (former surname: Utnes), born 21. September 1959, single, no children.


A combination of humanities, social sciences and business administration. 126 ECTS Credits in Cultural Administration at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Telemark University College, Bø, and 150 ECTS Credits in Language and Communication Studies at the former University of Trondheim.*

Work experience

Creative Manager; Deputy Manager of Culture and Museum; Management of a students' society; Co-ordination of maintenance and events, responsibilty for stage, sound, light and cinema equipment as a technician, equipment manager and sound engineer; Secretarial and propositional work as Youth Executive Officer; Field work and quality control of text and data on Svalbard; General co-ordination, accounting and development of archive; Self employed. Relevant work experience sums up to nine years—cleaning and other jobs to six years.

Voluntary work and community activities

Students' representative; Layout and editing; Building of rehearsal room for bands, concert stage, tour network and studio; Planning, preparing and doing concerts, with sound engineering; Arrangements for festivals, popular science seminars and public forums for discussion; Handyman for projects in architecture, performance and free theater; Organisations' representative. Voluntary work equals seven years on a full-time basis.

Courses and certificate

Tests to obtain licence to serve alcohol and to establish business; Caretaking (Course for Janitors); Fire Prevention and Preparedness; First Aid; Basic accounting; Guiding in Svalbard; Cinema technique; Sound engineering. Driving licence B C1.


Am experienced in co-ordination and team leading; Enjoy working in a wide range of subjects; Solution- and goal-orientated in times of stress; Flexible, enthusiastic and broad-minded; Speak English and German quite well—am verbally strong and do have an ear for indo-german languages.

Short resume, or full resume as a downloadable PDF-file (31kb. You may need Acrobat Reader). My life as a flowchart, a life of events.

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* The city is never far away, but I prefer to dwell in the countryside

... the gift of monotony is not my foremost quality...

* ECTS means European Credit Transfer System, and the average workload for one term of full-time study is 30 ECTS.


References for statements about my abilities can be provided.

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