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* A Male Polar bear's behaviour may be somewhat similar to the way I've lived my life


The photo was taken at Fjordnibba, between Von Post glacier and the mouth of the Sassen Valley on 17. October 1997.

Polar fox © Georg Bangjord * This young fox was found in a living trap. It had been caught earlier

For the project "Ecophysiology of the Arctic fox" we caught foxes and took bearing of previously marked ones from boat and with the aid of radio-telemetry. During five days we got 40-50 bearings; Observe the antenna sticking out from the neck of the fox! (Scientists have later begun using satellite tracing of wildlife in the Arctic.)

When caught, foxes were measured, weighed, determined of sex, taken blood and tissue samples from, given a transmitter and then released into the wilderness.

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* Adult Male Polar Bear :: An animal one should be very cautious about. This male polar bear could cover this distance within less than five seconds

Killer by instinct...

* My favourite planet!

* Co-ordinates at Fjordnibba: N 78° 21' 44" E 16° 58' 37"

In Svalbard the Arctic fox is host for the virus Echinococcus multilocularis and a potential carrier of rabies. One may want to be cautious and hold the fox firmly...

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