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Guide and help

Top right you may choose text size [SdefaultL] or another language [nndeno].

In the top left area of any page you will find a global navigation bar, a navbar. From anywhere at this web site a click on "home" will take you to the homepage, the main page of your preferred language.

The top global navigation is persistent throughout the site and includes links to several sections or main areas:

  • The 'news' area was originally written mainly for friends who wanted to keep up-to-date with my doings, current work and interests. The section soon developed into a blog.
  • Please visit the 'services' section to find an overview and description of the services I may provide. Offered services are based on previous work experience, described as possible work areas which may be suited to accomodate your needs and help you get more out your project.
  • Documented work experience is described in the 'resume' section. This section provides potential employers and business partners with information about the projects I've been involved in and what I've gained from them.
  • In addition to giving an overview of the site, the 'sitemap' section offers you this Guide/Help Page, the Privacy Policy for the web site, and a rather lengthy (and dreary) juridical remark on what law that rules and guards the content of this site. Via the sitemap you may also find pages not accessible from the top navbar.

When visiting one of the abovementioned areas you will also access a local navbar for the section. You may also use the navbar to your right to move around (where you'll also find comments and links advertising the other entries). And finally you may navigate using the "Location" bar at the bottom of each page.


Links provide additional and relevant information. Coloured text links to pages on third parties web sites. Text that is underscored links to other pages at this web site. You'll also find links in graphics, pictures and text. Links contain additional information which becomes visible on mouse over.

Scattered throughout the web site are hip images that may link to foreign places of wonder while others are simply there to make the journey down the page pleasing to the eye.


An acronym is a word formed by the initial letter(s) of several words; i.e. pdf and CSS. Moving your mouse over such an acronym should make it readable. (At the time being this function is not yet fully implemented.)

A word on accessibility

There's a separate page on accessibility for the visually impaired. Among the useful functions described there's also a set of Access Keys. These keys may be useful whether you use device-independent event handlers or not. Read on!

Information provided in PDF-files is also available in the web pages.* With the release of Acrobat 6.0 Adobe promised full readability of pdf-files.

Technical quality of the web site and printing

JavaScripts are used for additional and non-essential information only. Changing font size is the main feature available through the use of JavaScript. Java is an additional gadget for regular users in an optimal viewing environment, and is recommended while surfing through these pages.

Most pages are written according to standards. Please have a look at the validation links at the bottom of the page!

Pages are made with flexible width. Whether your paper size is A4, letter or legal, you shouldn't have too many problems printing the pages. Please observe any additional advice on some of the pages to get a nice print. Finally there are a few pages that are not to be printed or stored by any other means at all. Such pages are clearly marked to avoid any legal confusion. Please respect the legal notes concerning your use of this web site.

Download free software

Using the latest generation browsers enables more advanced content and faster navigation, as well as new features designed to enhance your browsing experience. Opera is a fast browser of Norwegian origin available free of charge.

Adobe PDF enables documents to be downloaded onto your PC retaining their original hard copy format. In order to view these files, you will need the free Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website. Occasionally, additional features in the form of animations may be included. Created in Flash format, these elements require the Macromedia Flash player, available from the Macromedia site. There are also some short 'videos' here and there. These may be viewed in for instance Real Player or Windows Media Player.

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* There is one exception, of course: a large text in Norwegian on the organisation of culture in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, during the nineties.

If you ever should have a problem with this site, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail! I may not be able to comply to your needs right away, but will make a note of and consider your remarks.

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