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Åge Utnes, b. 21.09.59, has been employed in the period 17.07-16.10.89. His work place was at the Uffa-House. His main task was to plan and build an archive system for the organisation Youth for free activity. Åge Utnes had to stop working as agreed upon as he began.

B. S., Department of personnell, Trondheim municipality, 14.11.89


Åge Utnes, b. 21.09.59, has been working for Trondheim municipality in the time span 14.01.86-31.03.88. His work place was the Uffa-House.

Åge Utnes had to stop working as fundings from the labour agency in Trondheim came to a halt.

B. S., Department of personnell and administration, Trondheim municipality, 16.03.90


The youth year committee of 1985

Trondheim municipal executive board's meeting of 17.01.1985 unanimously decided to form a "Youth year committee" constituted of:

  • 1 representative put forward by The Youth Council
  • 1 repr. put forward by The Board of Sports
  • 1 repr. put forward by Uffa
  • 1 repr. put forward by the leisure-time youth clubs
  • 1 repr. put forward by The Board of Music
  • 3 repr. from Department of Church and Cultural Affairs, CCA, and the Mayor as chairman of the board. K. A., CCA, appointed as secretary of the commitee

Åge Utnes was appointed as representative for Uffa (Youth for free activity).

K. A., Trondheim municipality, Department of Church and Cultural Affairs, 23.03.90


Youth For Free Activity, Uffa, is constituted by interested parties in Trondheim.

Åge Utnes has participated in a number of activities at Uffa from 26.6.1982 to 31.12.1988. Since the rebuilding of Uffa in Innherredsveien in december 1982 he has on a voluntary basis done carpeting, accounting, concerts and general services.

During his employment, from 14.1.1986 to 31.3.1988, he was team leader and responsible for budgeting, planning and carrying through concerts with sound engineering, and building of studio. In large he has been our representative in dealing with the authorities.

His tasks were gradually transferred to others after march 1988.

T. M. and M. N., user representatives, 28.02.89

Comments on my involvement at Uffa

Uffa is an autonomous house for youth activities, and my involvement lasted from the summer of 1982 until 1990. As Uffa was established anew at La'mon in december '82, I was made responsible for the economy of the band room and keeping the main accounts for the house. Autonomous units—such as café, concert group, gallery and bookstore—received fundings from the main budget after decisions made by the Meeting of All. Soon I was responsible for administrative tasks, general services and much of the contact with the authorities.

In the spring of '83 I built the rehearsal room for bands in the basement. Thereafter I supervised the renovation of the café, the extension of the kitchen, and the reconstruction of the theatre room—partly as a co-ordinator and team leader, partly as a carpenter. Enthusiasm and impatience were distinct features of the activities at Uffa, and the rooms were often taken in use before completion.

In '84 I began mixing sound for bands, and during '85 and '86 we acquired a PA-system and a small 8-track studio. With scanty budgets we successfully built an interesting scene for current music and related expressions.

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* The city is never far away, but I prefer to dwell in the countryside

A lot of work for no money, those were the eighties...

Later sound engineering

Four and a half years after Uffa I took up sound engineering again at Svalbard. And then a new break until 2002.

It is more than twenty years since the European squatting movement hit Norway. Some of the people who were active in the eighties are working on a history of Uffa.

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