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Grimstad House of Culture

References of 18. August 2003

The Grimstad House of Culture opened in 1985 with three movie theatres, 580 seats and areas for exhibitions and meetings. Each year we screen film 2.300 times and host 50 larger stagings. We serve organisers, artists and an audience of more than 65.000.

Through the spring and autumn seasons we receive The Norwegian National Touring Theatre's plays and other regional troups and artists. Vigorous locals use the house for revues, theatrical stagings, public discussions, lectures and readings, as well as an exhibition and market area. In June we host the The Norwegian Short Film Festival: five days filled with films and visitors from the Norwegian and international movie scene.

Åge Utnes, born 21. September 1959, has been employed full time at the Grimstad House of Culture from 15. January 2001 until 31. August 2003. He has co-ordinated the maintenance of technical installations including cinema, stage, sound, light and safety equipment. Prior to events he has done stage and equipment preparations and then greeted, aided and assisted our guests. He has also been responsible for fire prevention and preparedness and has worked closely with service technicians as we have examined the safety at the house. Since 1. March he has worked in shift, which in addition to the above mentioned tasks has included work as a projectionist and a gateman.

Feedback from our guests, renters and technicians confirms that he is helpful and tidy with an overview and understanding for technical challenges which may arise.

Åge has given his notice as he seeks new challenges. His loyalty, resolution, experience and the ability to identify possible weaknesses in events have been useful to us. He is a tidy, structured and good spirited person. We give him our best recommandations.

E. H., constituted leader of the Grimstad House of Culture, Grimstad municipality

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* The city is never far away, but I prefer to dwell in the countryside

My engagement in Grimstad lasted untill August 2003. You'll find a lot about my tasks in the news pages covering 2001-02.

Link to the web site of the Grimstad municipality

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