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The Youth Team in Outer Namdal :: References of 01.08.2000

Hereby it is confirmed that Åge Utnes, born 21.09.1959, has been employed as an youth executive officer in Outer Namdal on a full-time basis from 25.08.1999 to 30.06.2000.

The position is led by the appointed administration of the "Project intermunicipal youth work in Outer Namdal," and in its everyday duties placed under the director for children, youth and culture in Vikna municipality. In professional matters the officer applies to the appointed project group and The youth team in Outer Namdal.

The youth team is multi-vocational and constituted of experts working with youth in the municipalities Leka, Nærøy and Vikna. State and regional, county authorities* are represented by the rural police, the Church of Norway, aetat (The Norwegian Public Employment Service), and senior advisers and educationalists from Val and Ytre Namdal upper secondary schools. The municipalities are represented by the sections for cultural affairs, health and social welfare departments, child health clinic, advisers from the lower secondary schools, as well as The intermunicipal child welfare and educational-psychological services in Ytre Namdal.

The initiative tasks of the youth executive officer include drug abuse prevention, further development and putting into effect new preventive initiatives, leading the youth centre in Rørvik and supporting Leka og Nærøy youth centres. There's been put much importance on a visible profile in the community: being available, to call on the youth, and co-ordination of parental initiatives. Propositional and secretary work for the youth team is also done by the position.

The post of the youth executive officer is financed as a joint venture by the municipalities of Vikna, Nærøy and Leka, as well as Ytre Namdal upper secondary school, provisionally for a period of two years. The post has included work on weekends and in the evenings. The project ended 31.12.1999, and this winter the post has been reorganized.

Utnes has shown great commitment in a challenging position. He has been commited to his work in a satisfactory way.

R.H. O., Alderman/Chief municipal executive


The sub-region Outer/Ytre Namdal and is made up from the coastal municipalities Leka, Nærøy og Vikna, with a little more than 10.500 inhabitants on the border to Nordland county.

Professionally the position was led by the youth team which in fact was an interesting grouping. It may though have been assembled to broadly to become dynamic and effective. In addition the forum was in no power to make decision. Personally I think the development amongst the youth was influenced by the somewhat cloudy organisational circumstances around the post of the youth executive officer.

The post was administered by Vikna municipality. The section for education, children, youth and culture was restructuring and central positions were vacant. It was an useful experience to see that the professionals and the local administration had their differences on which initiatives were to be emphasized. (I chose to use the considerations of the professionals as a basis for my daily chores amongst the youth, and may have neglected signals from local chieftains...)

Ten fine months with the young ones in Ytre Namdal. The "Project intermunicipal youth work in Ytre Namdal" was coming to an end. After my job was done, I worked for two weeks for free to spend some time on papers and some youngsters in real need of attention.

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* Norway has three levels of govern­ment. The Central Govern­ment and the Parlia­ment at national level, the County Authorities (fylkes­kommune) at regional level, and the Municipalities at local level.

Be precautious!

Ytre Namdal is the world of the authors Olav Duun and Magnhild Haalke. But Aksel Sandemose's "A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks" and George Orwell's "Animal Farm" may also be appropriate ballast.

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