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* A Male Polar bear's behaviour may be somewhat similar to the way I've lived my life


The photo was taken at the ice on the Adventfiord, 24. May 1997, on returning from field work...

On snowsccoter © Georg Bangjord * The Adventfiord on returning from Vårsol and Barentsburg

The trip was a part of the project "Environmental Studies of Sea Gulls". We checked the nesting on the beach of Barentsburg and collected eggs on the islets in the Greenfiord down along the coast of the undulating Nordenskiöld Plain.

Outside Lågneset we saw Belugas feeding along the shores! We slept at Bellsund under the Ingeborg Mountain, a cacophonic mountain where thousands of birds were breeding and nesting.

Warm spring weather caused rotten ice in the fiords. We had to maintain high speed not to sink into the squishy surface and go down.

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* Adult Male Polar Bear :: An animal one should be very cautious about. This male polar bear could cover this distance within less than five seconds

Photos © Georg Bangjord

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© Georg Bangjord * At Deltaneset, October 1997, 52kb

* Animated spinning aearth

Co-ordinates at the hotel in Barentsburg: N 78° 3' 44" E 14° 13' 2"

Many thanks to Georg and Knut André Hellum for a fantastic trip!

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