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* Life is a long road, in between it's smooth and easy

Extracurriculary activities :: miscellaneous experiences

Language abilities

Fluent in Norwegian and English, pretty good abilities in German. All three can be proofread and have been used in studies at university level as well as in voluntary and commercial work.


Strong PC skills in spreadsheet, word processing, layout and coding for the web. Familiar with software for handling numbers and accounts, database and web design,* e.g. Word, Excel, QuarkXPress, FileMaker, Oracle-based applications and Mamut—self-educated and used to PC as well as working on the Mac platform.

On a voluntary basis I worked with music, movies and layout from 1978 to 94; preparing and making magazines, flyers, posters and other PR-material. I am well used to work in multi-vocational circumstances and to keep an overview of large amounts of text and data. Otherwise I've:

  • been preparing and carrying through festivals, seminars, conferences and theatre performances
  • been involved in running galleries and cafés
  • gotten hold of obscure movies and PR-material from all over Europe and the USA
  • worked as a sound engineer, also on tours in Scandinavia and Germany
  • played in bands for ten years

Being responsible for managing and keeping equipment in order, carrying through some hundred events and projects, and doing layout, has made me familiar with co-ordination and team leading—which I practice with a flexible approach and diplomacy skills. It's also given me some commercial experience in accounting and internal audit, with a strict approach.


In my spare time I listen to the radio, read newspapers, study, try to learn more about language, go to the movies, try to see some central pieces of art—the sweet things in life!


Driving license B C1

Short resume, or full resume as a downloadable PDF-file (31kb. You may need Acrobat Reader). My life as a flowchart, a life of events.

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