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Røyrvik municipality :: Deputy Manager of Culture and Museum

Limingen, 30. January 2006

Røyrvik municipality employed Åge Utnes, born on 21. September 1959, in a full time position as a deputy Manager of Culture and Museum from 11. November 2004 to 11. November 2005.

Røyrvik is a municipality in the mountains North East in North Trøndelag County, Inner Namdal, bordering Nordland and Sweden. The municipality with 550 citizens manages an area of 1587 square kilometres. It is gate to the Børgefjell National Park and trade is characterized by agriculture with reindeer herding, water energy production and wilderness tourism.

The position as Manager of Culture and Mueum is part of the central administration and directly subordinated to the alderman. Among the tasks are propositional work in the full range of cultural affairs. The work demands initiative, understanding of consequences and the ability to further develop tasks within the of range of responsibility. In addition to handling daily operations at the office and the museum the following tasks may be mentioned:

  • Secretarial tasks for the Committee for Culture and Prosperity
  • Secretarial work for the board of the Sami History of Røyrvik and adjacent areas
  • Management of youth workers
  • Being contact person for travelling district cinema, theatre and other cultural events
  • Distribution of municipal fundings to voluntary and community organisations
  • Providing input to budget adjustements during the working year
  • Cooperative tasks with municipalities in Inner Namdal and neighbouring municipalities across the border to Sweden

Åge Utnes has revised the terms of licence for (screening and sale of) film and video. He made positive contributions to the exchange between the residal and semi-nomadic reindeer cultures. Towards the end of his engagement he worked on an update of the municipal web pages.

During the year the municipality learned to know him as a reliable, accurate and loyal person with capabilities to observe short term detailed information as well as handling durative considerations. We've appreciated his continous and humorous effort. Professional disagreements were handled properly.

Røyrvik municipality got pleasant feedback on his role and act as a professional, is well pleased with his efforts and recommends Åge as an employee.

O.J. R, Alderman/Chief municipal executive

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