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Production management

The Service is Discontinued!

Productions include organising and/or controlling concerts and other events.

I may take on responsibility for parts of or whole events; from planning, assessment of costs and budgeting; PR; contacting artists, technicians and organisers; quality control of all technical links; to carrying through the event, accounting and evaluation, i.e.

  • concerts with sound and light engineering
  • seminars and conferences
  • theatre performances
  • making routines for regular events


This service is based on experience, i.e. as

  • technician responsiblity for maintenance and letting of sound, light, cinema and stage equipment at the Grimstad House of Culture, 2001-03
  • youth executive officer for The Youth Team in Ytre Namdal, 1999-2000
  • manager of materials for The Standing Committee on Cultural Affairs in Svalbard, 1996-97
  • co-organiser of projects targeting youth and students in Trondheim, 1986-94
  • supporting general (and quite exceptional) public initiatives within
    • music
    • performance art with multimedia
    • "off off-broadway" theatre
    • forums for discussion
    • architecture
  • manager of Uffa, an autonomous house for youth activities in Trondheim, 1982-89

Some education

Productions may be combined with office and labour services.

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