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An overview of cultural and performance based services provided

The Services are Discontinued!

Here you'll find my experiences and background presented as services, which may be suited to your needs. Engagements can be taken on as a self employed consultant or as an employee. My services are:

  • office management may be building or managing your office, including development of routines, documentation and archives, it support, budgeting with liquidate balance, layout and advice on design
  • productions, which may be organising and carrying through concerts, theatre performances, seminars, conferences with sound and light, quality assurance on all technical links, single or regular events
  • labour may be maintenance of sound and light, stage rig, cine-technics, development of preventative routines and other practical tasks
  • language services may be practical work on texts and advice on linguistic style

Target group

Vigorous people working within cultural and aesthetic areas, preferably projects surpassing regular limits. I am dedicated to offering administrative and practical management of obvious high quality. Artistic development is a lot easier with reliable support!


Broad project experience, some professional skills and reliable contacts. I am solution- and goal-orientated, systematic and enthusiastic!


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Kultur is the German concept and influence of a particular Germanic attitude, spirit, temperament, ambition, achievement, and purpose. It lays somewhere between the English word culture which is too narrow and civilization which is too broad. Society and ethnicity are related terms.


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