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* A Male Polar bear's behaviour may be somewhat similar to the way I've lived my life

Svalbardphotos :: 'Bushcraft & Bushskills'

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© Georg Bangjord * Snowscootering on the Adventfiord * On return from Barentsburg, May 1997, 131kb    Deltaneset © Georg Bangjord * October 1997, 154kb    © Georg Bangjord * At Fjordnibba, October 1997, 210kb

On these pages you'll find photos taken during field trips in Svalbard, spring and autumn 1997. The trips were parts of research projects for the Norwegian Polar Institute in Svalbard, which I assisted on several occasions. Field work was the perfect thing to do before leaving the Arctic.

Life in Svalbard was very different from life in Trondheim. Three and a half years gave me the opportunity to find a new course in life. Director Stig Andersen has made a television documentary series about the Sirius 2000 Expedition along the northern coast of Greenland. In an interview in Aftenposten (5. March 2001) he was quoted:

The Arctic is the optimal point zero. Staying is a kind of meditation where a man gets his head cleansed and meets himself...

A stay in the Arctic is highly recommended!

* An animated spinning earth :: Link to a web site providing pictures of Earth taken from satellites

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